Written by Avadhesh Sharma


New Landed Student/PRs/COPRs/Work Permit/New Graduates holder who are trying to get Developer/QA (IT jobs) in Canada.

Top Sources For IT Jobs:

  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn has the most IT You can connect with recruiters here and build your network. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, create one asap. It takes time to build your network on LinkedIn. No need to get Premium(Paid) account.
  1. Indeed & Monster: Few organizations prefer to list open positions on Indeed & Monster
  2. Organization Website: Few organizations require you to apply on their own website.

The Job Hunt:

  • Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn, stay active and keep updating your profile on a daily basis.
  • Your Resume is the key to get Your CV should include a short paragraph on why you are the ideal candidate for this position. Resume goes through an ATS (Applicant Tracking Software), it’s important to include all details in resume using plain text, avoid using bullets, pictures, complex fonts or anything that ATS might not understand. Please go through the attached ideal resume format.
  • If you have a Referral, that’s Referrals are helpful but not mandatory. Make sure to ask someone to refer you only if you know them personally/professionally. Requesting referrals without knowing or knowing through a third person is a big NO.
  • Organize your “Applied Jobs”. Make a folder for each position that you have applied. This folder should contain the Job Description, Resume, CV, Interview Dates, and Company This step is mandatory because a company may respond to your application after 15 days and by that time you won’t have the Job Description, also it helps you to prepare for interview.

Interview Preparation:

  • Usually, recruiter will get in touch with you and get to know your background (10-15 min call), if this goes well, the recruiter will present your resume to the company, now expect a call/code test within couple of days. If you clear the code test, usually company prefers 2 rounds, 1 would be technical and other would be behavioral/leadership skills.
  • Code test: Code test usually consists of 2 technical problems (1 easy and 1 difficult). You will have 90 mins. Top place to prepare for code test

Common Mistakes:

  • Flooding your resume in job market: Do not apply for to many jobs, if your resume is rejected you won’t be allowed to appear again for 6 months. Key is to apply for 3-4 jobs, go through the process, learn from mistakes and apply again till you find one.
  • Asking for Referrals / Help: Do not ask anyone to refer you unless you know them personally. Also do not use the word Canadians feel obligated if someone uses the word “Help” in communication; it’s not a good gesture to put someone in such a position.
  • Fancy Resume: Avoid using unreadable characters in your Here, idea is to include keyword from Job Description and keep it simple.
  • One Page Resume: Do not make a one page resume include all details, it’s good to have everything included, makes the job easy for recruiters.
  • Afraid to Negotiate: If you are selected for the position always negotiate for better salary and vacation. Also ask recruiters if you need more time for preparation.
  • Side jobs before Job hunt: Job hunt is a full time activity, if you prioritize side jobs you may not find time to apply and prepare for IT jobs.
  • Q: We hear that it is difficult to get a Job in Canada without referrals and Canadian Experience, is it true?

A: No it’s false. IT jobs do not require Canadian experience and referrals are useful but not mandatory. With right approach you can land on the desired IT job in less than a month.

  • Q: I have got my PR/COPR/Work Permit, how can I apply for a job from India?

A: Don’t apply for a job from India, you need a SIN number to work in Canada, you can get that only once you land in Canada. Company will reject your resume without proper work authorization and you won’t be able to apply for 6 months.

  • Q: What are the chances of getting a job in Canada from India and Company giving me work permit for the job.

A: 0% chance. No company will hire you knowing that you are in India without a work permit when they can find lots of Candidates here itself. Nobody wants to invest their time and resources for something that has no surety.

Q: Is it a good idea to start a side job until you get a desired IT job?

A: Personal Choice. I don’t recommend. Job hunt is a full time activity.

  • Q: I have “x” years of experience and now I am a student in Canada, after my term can I use my past experience and get an equivalent role?

A: Yes absolutely. You should use your experience and after your co-op ask the organization to consider your previous experience and offer you the seniority you had.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, I would be happy to answer them best to my experience. You can connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/avadhesh-sharma/.