Written by Avadhesh Sharma

Resume must have the details about your technical expertise and Professional summary. Your CV Should include a short paragraph on why you are the ideal candidate for this position.

Resume goes through an ATS (Applicant Tracking Software), it’s important to include all details in resume using plain text, avoid using bullets, pictures, complex fonts or anything that ATS might not understand. Avoid one page resumes, include insightful details about your technical expertise.

Ideal Resume: An ideal resume must contain the below details:

1. Your Name/Contact Info
2.  A short description about yourself and the type of role you wish to pursue
3. Snapshot of your technical (Name of tools and technologies)
4. Your Education
5. Snapshot of your Professional (Name and duration worked at each organization)
6. Work Experience: This section must describe your technical expertise in each You will mention the tools and technologies used in each project. Also, mention what were your roles and responsibilities in the project. This helps the recruiter and the Interviewer understand that you actually know what you have put in your resume.

EG: Company 1:

Porject1: <Project description>

Tools & Tech:

1. Java for ….
2. Database for ….
3. ….

Roles & Responsibility:

1. Build, design and develop
2. Bug solving
3. ….