Quick Facts About USA

  • The Capital City is Washington D.C.
  • The leader of the USA is the President who is elected every four years.
  • The USA has 50 states plus various territories. Recently Puerto Rico voted to become a state too.
  • The population is around 315 million, making it the 3rd biggest country by population.
  • The area is 9.5 million square kilometers which makes it the 4th biggest country in the world in terms of area.
  • The income per capita is 49,601 USD making it the 15th richest country on per capita income basis in the world.
  • English and Spanish are spoken in USA.
  • The dialing code to call the USA internationally is 1.
  • 52% of Americans are Protestant Christians of various denominations, 24% are Catholics. The US has the largest military in the world by money spent on it, dwarfing the spending of the next countries combined.
  • The US economy is diverse, from car manufacturing to internet technology, agriculture, and almost everything in between.
  • Many Americans will give a second nationality when asked despite only ever living in America as the country is made up mostly of those who immigrated within the last 200 years. Perhaps the best known group is the Irish Americans who celebrate St Patrick’s Day every year in style.
  • The USA is bordered to the North by Canada and to the South by Mexico. It has a free trade agreement with these countries called NAFTA

USA Education System

  • Application deadline with scholarships are months before the actual application deadline
  • Test Scores have to be directly sent by the testing agencies: For say, IELTS by British Council / IDP; TOEFL and GRE by ETS
  • Transcripts and recommendation letters have to be official in a sealed and stamped envelope
  • Certain universities require Indian academic credentials evaluated as per US Academic equivalence (WES)
  • A strong statement of purpose (SoP) or study plan increase the chances of admission and scholarship
  • A decision on admission may take 4-12 weeks from the date completed application
  • Students in their last year graduation can apply for a conditional admission
Map showing states of the United States on Study in USA page
Undergraduate (Associate & Bachelors Degree)
  • Min. 50% Marks in the most recent exam passed
  • IELTS Overall 6.0 Bands / TOEFL 72/79
  • SAT Score: 1200/1600
  • Proof of funds for studies
Post Graduate (Masters / PhD)
  • Min. 50% Marks in the most recent exam passed
  • IELTS Overall 6.5 Bands / TOEFL 85-100/120
  • GRE Score: 300+/340
  • Proof of funds for studies
Estimated Tution Fee / Per Annum
  • Undergraduate (Associate / Bachelor’s Degree) = 10,000 to 30,000 USD
  • Post Graduate (Masters) = 10,000 to 30,000 USD
Estimated Fees for Cost of Living / Per Annum
  • 8,500 to 15,000 USD

Student who wishes to study English in the USA may opt to study English as Second Language (ESL) Course along with their undergraduate or graduate studies.


  • University short listing – Help to find the most suitable universities or college that best fits in your profile or preferences
  • Statement of purpose (SoP) editing
  • Guidance on recommendation and /or reference letters
  • Assistance with funding: Scholarship / Education Loan
  • Online and off-line application for admission and follow up
  • Facilitating visa application and SEVIS fee payment
  • Help with visa interview scheduling
  • live Visa interview preparation
  • Guidance with visa documentation
  • Pre-departure briefing including travel products @ discounted price
  • Post landing services such as air port pick up and accommodation


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